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3 Points To Consider When Hiring A Snow Removal Firm


A winter weather event for your property will either be a nuisance or a nightmare.  Having the right contractor to manage your site is crucial to having it open for business and will reduce the liability risks should a slip and fall occur on your property.  Your selection of the right snow fighting company is the foundation for successful management when old man winter throws his punches.

As a property manager, we want you to have a great night’s sleep and keep the nightmares from happening.  In order to do this, we suggest that you find out about the following items before you make your final selection with a vendor.


1.  Insurance.

When it comes to ice, the odds are against you that an accident will happen on your property when the ground is frozen and the precipitation falls.  You need to reduce your liability chances by hiring a contractor who will work to keep your site as clear as possible.  In addition, your contractor should have an insurance policy that will help protect you and their employees.  Be sure to ask your vendor for a certificate of insurance which names you or your entity as additional insured.


2.  The Contractor’s strength.

As the snow falls and begins to accumulate, you are at the mercy of who you hired.  Are they equipped to handle a deep snow to get your property cleared in a timely fashion?  When the snow gets too deep to clear with conventional trucks with plows you need a vendor who has the capabilities to bring in the bigger equipment to get the results and have your facility open for vehicular and pedestrian traffic as soon as possible.

In addition, snow removal is hard on equipment.  And it is guaranteed that sooner or later, your contractor will experience a break down.  Find out from your vendor how they handle these situations and what policies that they have in place to give your property the attention that it needs.

A successful snow contractor keeps their fingers on the pulse of mother nature.  They are prepared to go at the slightest risk.  Sometimes, due to the geographic location of Maryland, we are prone to those over night clippers that sneak in from the north that no one on the eleven o’clock news was calling for when we went to bed.  Your contractor should have other ways of monitoring the weather and they should be geographically close to your site in the event that they need to spring into action quickly.

When the big storm hits, you don’t want to have to wait for them to “… finally get to your property”.

Always plan for the worst, but expect the best.  At Akehurst, we love to hate snow … and do just that.  We designate crews to handle a small amount of job sites in order to properly service our clients.  This allows us to handle our properties when a big storm hits in the safest and most timely way.  Many contractors will over extend themselves with their assets to manage a lot of properties and this can become a problem for both them and you when a larger storm that takes more time to clear occurs.

Ask about their salt supply.  A storm with a long duration, a few back to back storms approach, or worse yet, an active winter that creates salt shortages; your contractor should have an adequate supply of de-icers to carry them through.


3.  Record Keeping

Sooner or later, an accident may happen.  It is in your best interest as well as that of the snow contractor to keep and retain good records of what was performed and when it was done on your property.  At Akehurst, we document everything that was done to your property and retain these records along with weather data for up to seven years to combat any litigation that may arise.




Understanding and asking about these three areas:  Insurance, Contractor Strength and Record Keeping, will assist you in the selection process to find the right vendor. 

Finding out about how your prospective snow management firm handles snow removal before you sign that contract will help you to identify the right fit for your property.  Read more about Akehurst with an An Inside Look At How Akehurst Does Snow Removal.

How does the contractor prepare for a storm?  What assets of equipment and man power will they designate for your site?  How will they communicate with you before during and after the storm?  Asking questions like these before you sign the contract can help you to avoid time consuming issues and sleepless nights when the ice and snow hits.




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