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US Nation’s 3rd oldest landscape company refocuses

140 Years in business, Akehurst moves forward with stronger focus.

RELEASE DATE: September 30, 2015.

Maryland’s Oldest Landscape Company and 3rd oldest in the Nation, now 140 years old; Akehurst Landscape Service Inc. knows that professionally and properly maintained landscapes make the greatest first impression on the image of commercial properties.  With their proven knowledge and expertise, Akehurst provides these services to take the burden off the property owner or managing company.

In August 2015, the executive board of directors of Akehurst Landscape Service moved forward with the vision to grow the company in the direction of their cores strengths of their already successful Commercial Grounds Maintenance, Grounds Enhancements, Interiorscapes and Snow & Ice Management Departments beginning the 4th quarter of 2015.  Offering both enhancements and maintenance services for interior and exterior landscape projects, the company’s direction looks strong with emphasis on sustainable grounds services to include mowing, horticultural plant health and bed care, enhancement plantings and commercial plant installations as well as snow and ice management services.  Their refocus, is to serve all segments of the commercial market.
Jay Tarleton, the company’s Treasurer and Comptroller remarks “Our vision’s success is the result of our relentless exploration of our core strengths and core values.”

With these changes, the custom residential landscape department will complete its current contracted installations, and by 1st quarter 2016 will forge ahead to provide the enhancement services for the Commercial Grounds Maintenance Department.  Since the decision to refocus, the company has experienced a growth spurt catapulting them forward and confirming the right move.

“Once we stepped out in faith to move forward, the blessings have flowed down from above,” states William K. Akehurst, Vice President and CIO.

A history of adaptation through change.  Since 1843, the Akehurst family has been rooted in the horticultural practices from their heritage stemming from Sussex England as the Royal Gardeners of England.  The family’s ability to adapt to sustain a living for countless families of employees and its own family members has provided for the successful transfer from generation to generation.  From vegetable plants, to carnations and roses, to a brief venture in egg production during the world wars and depression, to plant propagation, nursery and landscape services, Akehurst continues to thrive with the changing times.  Now in the 5th and upcoming 6th generations of family ownership, Akehurst is looking to the future once again for posterity.

Moving forward with this renewed and focused vision; Akehurst Landscape Service is seeking opportunities for successful growth into the future generations.

Since 1876, the Akehurst Landscape Service business and the Akehurst family have been leaders in the horticultural industry and are considered as one of the oldest landscape companies in the nation.  Their slogan, “Akehurst – Where Great Landscapes Begin!” states their purpose to turn any landscape into a great landscape by providing commercial landscape services including grounds maintenance and enhancements, interior plant lease, as well as snow and ice management services to the Greater Baltimore metropolitan area of Maryland.  With locations in Joppa, Glen Burnie and Pikesville and future sites on the radar, Akehurst continues to expand its services to other markets serving the commercial client sector including offices, retail, industrial, institutional, medical, homeowners associations, multifamily developments and government facilities.

For the trusted name in the landscape industry, contact Akehurst Landscape Service Inc. at 410-538-4018 or visit their website https://www.akehurst.com.

Akehurst – Where Great Landscapes Begin! 

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