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Remembering Brian one year later

A commemorative pdf version can be downloaded here.

RememberingBrian“We have gathered everyone here today for a celebration, a reflection on the positive impact that Brian Akehurst has had on each one of us. There are some people here today who were not lucky enough to meet him, but I’m sure you’ve heard his name for those of you who have not met him. Brian passed on July 6, 2014 and started his new journey unto everlasting life. Brian was the son of Lois, brother to Bill and John Akehurst, cousin to Jay Tarleton and nephew to Doris Tarleton. He was also a father, uncle, friend & teacher to all. I learned a lot from Brian. It was the subtle little things that he would teach you without you even realizing. I remember when we would be in conversation and I would say “the bushes are dead” or the bushes need trimming”. He would quietly say, “the shrubs are dead” or “the shrubs need pruning”. I caught on quickly to properly call them shrubs. I am sure many of you have memories like that one. Brian will be missed but not forgotten, from the 1st snowflake of the season to the spring flowers being planted. He will always be there in our hearts and soul. It’s been one year today, time goes by quicker than we think. I truly believe there is a reason for everything. Sometimes you may have to look hard and search long, but sooner than later, it will show itself. I found a poem I would like to read. I feel this is what Brian would be saying to us today.”

Bury my body but don’t bury my beliefs
by Randall Rohr

A time will come when my life will cease. But when that time comes, I ask that you remember these things:
BURY MY BODY but don’t bury my beliefs
BURY MY HEART but don’t bury my love
BURY MY EYES but not my vision
BURY MY FEET but not the path of my life
BURY MY HANDS but don’t bury my diligent efforts
BURY MY SHOULDERS but not the concerns I carried
BURY MY VOICE but not my message
BURY MY MIND but don’t bury my dreams
BURY ME but don’t bury my life

After the reading, Matt Smith and Jose Herrera prayed and the gathering was adjourned.

Brian has made an impact on our lives that we will continue to cherish. It’s a good day to celebrate the memories of our dear brother, mentor and friend, Brian Akehurst. God bless us, everyone. -the families of Akehurst

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