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What To Look For When Hiring A Landscape Management Firm.

Whether you just acquired a new property to manage or if you feel that you need to make a change regarding your current service provider for landscape management and snow removal services,  the start of acquiring a vendor to provide service to you can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating when deciphering all the options to see who will be the best fit for you and your property.

In regards to the amount of time that you will spend with RFP’s … it is truly a choice on how extensive you get in regards to the number of firms that you wish to contact, set up meetings with etc..  We do encourage that you have face to face meetings so that everyone can be on the same page regarding the needs of the property as well as each party’s expectations.

So to sort out the best prospects before you send out the RFP, we recommend the following thoughts to qualify who will be bidding on your project … plus, we added our answers in advance.


What is the Reputation of the landscape provider and will they be reliable?

While it may seem obvious, it is still quite common to see property managers and business owners who hire a company based on the lowest price with no consideration of the track record of the firm.   This can cause risk or heartache later on in the contract term for the buyer.

“How long have you been in business?”  This is a wonderful question to start off your interview when soliciting a vendor to bid on your property.  This will give you great insight as to how the potential vendor has weathered hardships and where the company is going in the future.  Ask for references.  If they haven’t been around for very long, ask for a few personal references that you can contact to confirm the firm’s ability to be able to meet the demands of service that you require.  While contacting the references, ask the hard questions of not only the positives of dealing with the firm you are inquiring about, but also ask about the concerns that they have had.  There is not one landscape company on this planet that is perfect, and if anyone ever sells that they are the perfect firm, then that should be a red flag to you.   “At Akehurst, we strive for perfection, but we do occasionally make a mistake, and when we do make a mistake, we don’t ignore it or hide it, we fix it … and that is when some of our clients truly see how great of a company that we are … when there is a problem and we fix it.”, says company president, John Akehurst.




We believe in the American Dream, and we believe that everyone should have an opportunity to start somewhere.  After all, we had our “opening day” too.  Our firm was started by Charles Akehurst back in 1876.  Charles probably never envisioned that the tiny seedling of his business would still be around today having experienced and survived through economic upswings and down turns, the second world war and blockbuster blizzards that more recently hit the mid Atlantic.  Now, with the sixth generation of his family being a part of the business team that services its clients.  Akehurst prides itself as it leads the industry and continues to expand its operations in the growing commercial market.  We encourage you to read more about our humble beginnings and about the journey of the Akehurst brand by reading  Our Story


What Value will this vendor bring to me and my property?

As a property manager or facilities manager, you have a lot of responsibilities associated with the maintenance of your property.  When you can rely on a single service provider for your landscape you free up some of your time in management.

At Akehurst, we can provide you with much more than just the normal spring mulching and mowing services.  We can also assist you with storm damage clean ups, tree removals, landscape design and installation, storm water management maintenance, holiday decorating, power washing, parking lot sweeping as well as 24 hour snow and ice management.  Check out  An Inside Look At How Akehurst Does Snow Removal.

The ability to provide a broad range of services is a convenience to our clients.  Many of our services are done in house but we also partner with an elite group of contractors that we have screened and selected for specialty services such as concrete work, paving, grading and more should the need arise.  Because we can oversee all of these services, Property Managers know that they can consult and rely on our Account Managers at any time to take care of their needs.



Will I have a consistent response, and landscape aesthetics throughout the year?

We know that the image of your landscape means everything for a first impression to your tenants and customers.  From early spring clean-ups to fall leaf removals we utilize our depth of knowledge and experience to create, maintain and enhance commercial landscaping.  Whether you’re a business owner, developer or property manager, the vendor of your choosing should take on the worry and hassles of your landscape and snow removal, allowing you to focus on what you do best.  With over 140 years in business, we encourage and teach our staff to be efficient and train them on the proper techniques to insure a great curb appeal and a safe environment for the properties that we serve every time we make a visit.

We recognize that our reputation relies on yours.  And we want your property to shine brighter then the properties that surround yours.  With that in mind, we often make value added recommendations to assist you with enhancing your property’s appearance.



What kind of reliability will I have with this vendor?

This should be another key question to find an answer to before you entertain a proposal from a potential vendor.  Especially if making sure that the work that you need to have performed is taken care of in a timely manner.  Another asset to your site, is the partnership that we build with our clients on creating and maintaining the image and safety of the site.  Many times an Akehurst Account Manager will contact you concerning a safety issue before you may be aware of it.


A professional vendor should be a true partner whose goals and vision align with yours and that of your property.

In addition, with the depth of resources within our organization, we are able to respond quickly when there is a need.  And for those after hour events, such as a downed tree from a storm or a busted water line in the parking lot during the middle of a freezing winter night, a simple phone call to our storm emergency hotline will instigate a response to handle your emergency.

Take your time in doing your investigating in the beginning of the bidding process to eliminate your risk.

Choosing a new landscape provider is time consuming, but finding the right fit for you and your property is essential to decrease your burden of management while insuring the proper aesthetics of your landscape and safety of your tenants, employees, customers and residents who reside or visit.  Please contact us today if you wish to learn more about how great landscapes begin, when you begin with Akehurst.

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