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Clean the Clutter and Enhance the Office Environment for a Healthier and Productive Workforce.

Who in your company is the designated individual to police and improve the appearance of your workspace?  Because Akehurst provides interior plant services to a wide range of offices throughout the region, we encounter all kinds of work spaces.  The work space organization and cleanliness goes a long way in employee morale, and productivity.  We have observed that businesses with organization and clean desks and hallways have a higher morale.  Higher morale usually equates to a higher production rate no matter what tasks the staff are required to perform.

So, if there is no designated individual within your firm to police the office aesthetics, a company’s workspace can become cluttered with no longer needed files piling up and worse yet … outdated and or unused office equipment.  This can begin the degradation of employee morale and the “I don’t care attitude” that will result in errors, inefficiencies and the loss of good employees who look to leave the toxic environment for greener pastures else ware.

A designated person is needed to keep tabs on these things as a preventative measure. We encourage that you begin to pay attention or appoint an individual to be responsible for the aesthetics of the workspaces.  Sometimes, outdated furniture needs to be upgraded to the 21st century, and items no longer needed should be destroyed and or disposed of.  Take a look at your art work, add interior plants … the little things can make a big difference with employee morale.  Because when people care, and are proud of their work environment, the dividends for the business grows.

For more information on adding interior plants to your workspace, contact Akehurst for a free consultation on how properly placed interior plants can increase the morale and aesthetics to your company.

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