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Are You Stressed Out At Work?

We all could use a little more reduction of stress in our lives, but multiple vacations on an annual basis are usually out of reach with the budget constraints by most individuals.  According to www.stress.org, recent studies show that “80% of workers feel stress on the job.  Nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress….”.  And what do most Americans want to do when they get off work?  Many go to their backyards to garden or to the local park in the neighborhood to unwind.  Why?  Because below the surface, we all have a desire to connect with nature … and when we do … we begin to unwind from the stress we feel at work.

Many businesses have found that the investment of interior plants placed throughout their offices include multiple benefits.  Not only will they soften the space and make it feel more inviting by bringing in life, but according to a recent study at the University of Exeter, they also improve employee concentration and productivity up to 15% .   The addition of well maintained interior plants add a lot to the interior environment by softening the surroundings, adding enjoyment and psychological benefits.

When interior plants are in an office space, they will reduce stress levels and boost the mood of the employees.

In 2010, a study by the University of Technology in Sydney showed a 58% drop in depression and a 38% reduction in fatigue when plants were placed in the work place.  This study concluded that “just one plant per workspace can provide a very large lift to staff spirits, and promote well being and performance.”


Plants in the workplace can attract potential applicants.

With unemployment being at an all time low in our nation, many businesses are struggling to find staffing to fill vacancies.  While plants won’t necessarily seal the deal on recruiting new employees, they will make the workplace more attractive to potential applicants.  “Adding some foliage to the lobby, work areas and Human Resources sections are a great place to start for attracting a work force,” says John Akehurst of Akehurst Landscape Service, Inc..  Interior plants bring a touch of relaxation and can create excitement and happiness to our minds.  Add blooming plants, and you will boost the atmosphere and morale.

Use the right plants for the space.

Installing plants in a building require some thought.  Pedestrian traffic flow, availability of light and its intensity as well as temperature fluctuations play a big part in the plant selection for particular spaces.  For starters, plants should be placed in high visibility areas for your staff, tenants and the customers that visit.  Akehurst’s award winning Interiorscape Department  has been known for bringing nature indoors to many buildings throughout the Baltimore region.   We can consult with you and design and install an interior plantscape that will benefit your building and the welfare of all who work and visit.

Since the plants that we install will grow and require routine watering, pruning and cleaning, Akehurst can take it a step further by reducing the stress of maintaining the live plants by offering a guaranteed maintenance program.  Should any plant become aesthetically unpleasing, we will replace it with a new one with no questions asked.

Whether you need plants in decorative containers scattered throughout the building space, or if you have an area that needs to be spruced up and have an oasis created for your employees and visitors we are here to help guide you along the way to improving a dynamic stress reduced and energetic workplace.

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