Akehurst Landscape Service

Clean the Clutter and Enhance the Office Environment for a Healthier and Productive Workforce.

Who in your company is the designated individual to police and improve the appearance of your workspace?  Because Akehurst provides interior plant services to a wide range of offices throughout the region, we encounter all kinds of work spaces.  The work space organization and cleanliness goes a long way in employee morale, and productivity.  We […]

Are You Stressed Out At Work?

We all could use a little more reduction of stress in our lives, but multiple vacations on an annual basis are usually out of reach with the budget constraints by most individuals.  According to www.stress.org, recent studies show that “80% of workers feel stress on the job.  Nearly half say they need help in learning […]

Maintenance Pointers For Water Retention Devices

Those who reside in Maryland are influenced by and enjoy living near the Chesapeake Bay.  Whether it be eating crabs  (a favorite Maryland past time) or just out for a lazy boat ride, the Chesapeake Bay is a significant and enjoyable natural resource that we all should care deeply about protecting. Most of the state’s […]